Christmas Dog Bite & My Nice Airline!

My daughter was attacked by a German Shepherd on Christmas Eve (Brothers neighbor's dog).  We spent it and part of Christmas Day at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  She has 51 staples in the back of her head and 120 stitches on her face and some on her ear.  She's recovering well thanks partly to her young age.  

Please watch your dogs around children.  Unfortunately kids are usually the victims... especially around the Holidays.  Our daughters plastic surgeon worked on several other dog bite victims after her on Christmas Day.

My Airline has been very good to us.  I was suppose to work and they gave me a personal leave (while lots of Flight Attendants were calling in sick).  They've also sent letters and one from the CEO of my Airline along with a toy.  My airline is really good to it's employees... never missing Birthday, Holiday & Anniversary cards.  In this crazy and hectic world we live it's always nice to receive these kind notes, especially in times like this.


gramyflys said...

Sherri---I am SO sad to hear about little Charlotte's dog bite incident. I bet you were so worried about her. I am so sorry she had to go through this. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Sherri,
What a horrific situation! I'm so sorry that your sweet Charlotte was attacked. I can't even begin to think what you are all going through. My thoughts are with you all and I wish a speedy and complete recovery for Charlotte.

I am heartened by you airline's sensitivity - a rare commodity in a corporate setting these days - I will make a point of choosing them first when given the chance.

karen said...

I'm glad they didn't make missing work any harder on you than it already has been--like you aren't dealing with an already crappy situation here, people!

I hope Charlotte is faring well and healing OK--you'll have to let me know how you feel about an outing with Charlotte to Barro's maybe this week or next? Are you guys going out of the house at all? Love to see you and give that Cici some diversion!! xoxo