Tea ("T") Party...

For one of our Beehive class activities we had a "T" Party!  
We had several new Beehives and thought it would be nice to have a relaxing evening where the girls could get to know each other better.  I put the invitation  on a paper bag.  The girls put "Three" items in the bag that represented their hobbies, talents etc.  We all traded bags and guessed whose bag we had.  Then they each explained why they chose the "treasures" they placed in their bag.  I also had the girls bring a treat to share that started with the letter "T".
I was in charge of a Relief Society Birthday Party years ago so I already had the decorations.  I made the hat stands and painted them along with the T's.  I bought all of the tea cups and hats from goodwill and added pink flowers.  I had such a good time frequenting Goodwill while trying to find the perfect hats and tea cups.  I put candles in the tea cups at each table.  It's so pretty to see the light illuminate through the porcelain.
I gave each girl a few different cookies to decorate including of course a "T" cookie.  I put all of the toppings in tea cups.

I enjoyed learning more about each young women as they shared items from their bags.  The girls made a huge photo booth poster where we took selfie photos at the end of the night.  This was such a fun evening!
This is the cake my step mother made for our Relief Society Birthday Party.  I had to share because it was amazing!