Celebrity Sightings...

It always makes for a fun day when I have Celebrities on my flights.
 I've only had a few who weren't pleasant.  I remember one actor who spent most of the flight in the lavatory and when the flight attendant asked him for his autograph (because her husband was a huge fan) he said "No, I'm not working right now".  I wish I would have started this list years ago because I know I've forgotten some.  Here's a list of Celebrities I can remember...
Just took Norm Macdonald into SJC.  I remember watching him on Saturday Night Live.  The coolest guy!  He sat in the back and talked to the crew during the  flight.    
Nelson Band

Any UFC fans out there? Just had Urijah Faber (the California Kid) on a LAS-SMF flight... Nice guy.

Pete Rose
Thanks to some passengers I was informed I had Pete Rose on my flight yesterday.  He had a similar hat on.  

Hank Baskett and Hank Jr.
I had Hank and his son on a recent flight.  His sons hair is amazing!

Brooke Shields
I was walking past the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York when I saw Brooke Shields leaving the theatre after playing Morticia in the Addams Family on Broadway.

Kate Snow
Journalist & Correspondent for NBC

Rapper LiL Jon 
He was also on the most recent Apprentice

K.D. Lang
Just had her on a flight last week.

Cindy Crawford
Even prettier in person... is that possible?  And really nice!

Reese Witherspoon
People.com used me as a source for a Flight Attendant spotting Reese and her family on a flight to Belize right after marrying Jim Toth.  Click here to see the article.  Click here to read my post.

Alicia Keys
I had her on a flight right before she made it big.  I remember talking to one of her band members and told him I hadn't heard of her.   He asked if I had been living in a cave.  I said yes.  An aluminum one!

Ron Livingston
I loved him in Office Space!

Danny Glover

Steve Young
I've had him on a few flights

Val Kilmer

Donny Osmond
Met him on a Hotel shuttle in L.A.

Tommy Lee
I didn't notice him until I went through with a drink service.  I realized it was him only after seeing the tattoo on his neck.  He was on an early morning flight... he just doesn't seem like an early riser. ;)

Burt Reynolds
Saw him buzzing by on an electric cart in IAH.  He was just about falling off and laughing while trying to hold on.    

Stevie Wonder

Tia Carrere

Al Davis- Owner Oakland Raiders
I had him on a flight years ago.  He told me I should come work for him.  I asked what he'd want me to do... be the water girl?  :)  He thought I should try out for the Raiderettes.  He got my address and had his secretary send me some information.  It sounded fun but I never tried out.

 Lisa Loeb
Really nice band.  They invited the crew to go to a party with them.

Wynonna Judd

Luther Vandross

Judge Reinhold

Donald Sutherland

Billy Crystal

Denise Richards

Joe Scarbourgh
Host on Morning Joe

Gray Davis
Took him in and out of Sacramento many times when he was California's Governor.

Susan Powter
Hosted her own show in the 90's

Danny White
Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Mark Grace
Played for the Diamondbacks

Taylor Hicks
5th Season Winner of American Idol

John Ingle
General Hospital- Really nice man

Leonard Nimoy
Star Trek

Sharon Lawrence

And finally the BIGGEST CELEBS I've had onboard...
The Penguins from SEA WORLD!


gramyflys said...

Oh my goodness! You have had SO many celebs on! Maybe I just don't recognize people or something...I have only had: Wayne Brady, Eddy Vetter, Mike Farrell (Mash) and also Gray Davis once or twice. I guess I am working the wrong flights, girl!!! How fun! Hope you are doing well...miss seeing you. We are working in the Singles Ward again, so I'm not even seeing you at our building...take care...

The Good Life on Less! said...

No way! How fun. Ironically I started a list of celebs I've met/had sightings of a few weeks ago. I had no idea you had so many on your flights. Fun post!!