I started collecting Postcards and Coasters years ago.  I got the idea to collect coasters from a Flight Attendant I was flying with.  I thought it was a great idea since I don't usually have much room for souvenirs in my roller bag.  It's been eighteen years since I bought my first coaster and my collection keeps growing.  

 I display my POSTCARDS in this old-fashioned style postcard carousel.  

I keep my COASTERS in a big basket.  
Friends enjoy learning about my travels to the country (coaster) they've chosen.

Mementos from around the World...
Charlotte dreaming of Scotland in her Scottish Kilt

Traditional Dress from HUNGARY

Original oil painting's by a Tibetan artist

Amalfi coast, Italy

Barcelona, Spain...Lladro

Czech Republic...marionette

Tibetan necklace...made from yak bone

Tibetan necklace... turquoise & coral

Hand blown glass fruit chandelier from Murano, Italy

Moroccan plate made with camel bone

Shoes made in China :)

Sheepskin shoes...Ireland

Turquoise ring... Mexico

Painting by my friend Kap ... Hawaii

Chess set... Hungary


Painting from Prague

Amber necklace... Poland

Painting... Ecuador