When I'm asked where my favorite destination is I always have a hard time answering. Many of the countries I've traveled to are unique because of the beautiful landscapes, people, history and architecture. I love different cities for different reasons.

I love Washington D.C. for many reasons...

My first visit was with my mom after high school. We visited my sister Stacy who was an intern for Senator McCain. After visiting the many museums and historical sites I felt like American history suddenly came alive! After high school I served a mission for my church in Washington D.C. and grew to love the people there. In college I did an internship in D.C. at the National 4-H Center. I was a tour guide for High School groups visiting the Nations Capitol and I learned a lot about American history and D.C. trivia.

I spent this past mothers day on an overnight in D.C. and visited some of the newer monuments. This was my first Mothers Day being a New Mom and away from home... that's the Airline Industry for you.