I was recently telling someone I'd like to go back to Vermont. Here's 5 good reasons why:

1. You can take a long run and not smell car fumes.

2. Tree's with leaves not those prickely things!

3. I missed the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Tour.

4. I would like to see if the "Hills are Alive" in the mountains above the Village of Stowe and check out the Von Trapp Family Lodge.

5. I went on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and didn't get enough.


karen said...

seriously, did you take that photo of the farmhouse/winding road in Vermont? As Tina Fey says: "I want to go to there."

love the coasters collection idea. I'm always looking for something to collect, so far it's been a lame collection of magnets (that don't even stick on my lame stainless steel fridge.)

Postcards and Coasters said...

No that wasn't my picture but it was much nicer than the ones I took! I've traveled to amazing places with crappy camera's!!!! So sad! Hopefully that will change with the next birthday... new camera and classes!!!!!

Karen you need to come check out my coaster collection! Charlotte's loving them ;).