Kennedy Space Center

I guess it might not be too surprising that flying in space might fascinate a flight attendant who grew up watching "I DREAM OF JEANNIE!"  A few years ago I was excited to learn I was flying with a pilot (Kevin Kregel) who was a retired astronaut.  On his longest mission in 1996 he orbited the Earth 271 times, covering 7 million miles in 405 hours.  SERIOUSLY...how cool would that be?  He has some amazing stories!

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center is an hour drive east of Orlando and not too far from Cocoa Beach (they have a street named "I Dream of Jeannie Lane").
We visited the Kennedy Space Center before we left on a Caribbean cruise. 

The Vehicle Assembly Building is one of the largest buildings in the world.  If you click on the picture you can see some damage from a hurricane that had just gone through.

                                                     SPACE SHUTTLE

                                                          APOLLO 11

After each flight the orbiter's engines are removed and refurbished in the Vehicle Assembly Building.

                                                           Me and Astronaut Tony Nelson!

                                                Space Shuttle Launch

Thanks to whoever took this picture.  It's amazing!  I think I'll add this to my Bucket List...Watch a Launch! 


Sodwee said...

great pictures and blog ! I'm adding you to my blogroll !

Botany's Desire said...

Wow, I love your blog. Can we switch careers for a month??? I am adding you to my blogroll as well.
Can't wait to see where you go next.

dutchbaby said...

I want a return address that says "I Dream of Jeannie Lane"!

I've only been to the Johnson Space Center near Houston (as in "Houston we have a problem!). I'd like to see a space shuttle blast off one day.

Susie of Arabia said...

We went to Kennedy Space Ctr several times when we lived in FL. We even had arrangements to be there for a launch, but alas, it was cancelled as many of them are.
I decided to collect coasters on a trip to Europe years ago. They make such a nice collection of memories, are varied and beautiful and many are free, plus they are easy to fit into your suitcase!

Postcards and Coasters said...

DB...I want that same return address. Wouldn't that be fun?

SofA... another reason to collect coasters...you can buy a ton of them and they still fit in your suitcase. In the past I've traveled to foreign countries with my little flight attendant roller bag for 2 weeks and only had room for coasters! ;)

Sodwee and BD... thanks!