Just another day in the glamorous life of a FLIGHT ATTENDANT...

But this day it would stump me a little.  

Passenger... "Would you please tell the person in front of me to stop scratching their scalp?"

Me... "huh?" 

Passenger... "She's been scratching her head the entire flight!"

Me... "Are you joking?"

Passenger... "No!"

I immediately had a flashback to the movie "Breakfast Club".  You know...the part where Allison scratches her head to add snow on a picture she drew during her day at detention.  

Wow...so what do you say to a request like that?  I offered to find the passenger who rang the call light a different seat.  

Just another glamorous day in my life as a flight attendant!


Nicole H. said...

Hey Sheri will you call me if you get a chance please? thanks. Nicole 480-324-6234

The Flying Pinto said...

I always find that perplexing when grown adults ask us to ask another person something????? Where else does this happen? So, strange!

Postcards and Coasters said...

Flying Pinto... that is soooo true. I think it's funny when people ask me if they can go to the bathroom? Only on a plane!

where'veyoubeen said...

hahaha! That is ridiculous, people never cease to amaze me! Just because we put on a uniform- we are in charge of everyones behavior on the flight.

I haven't had a request like that before. :)