Flight 447

By Alicia Bock

My heart goes out to the families of passengers and crew members who were on Air France Flight 447.

If you go to The Flying Pinto you can read a pilot's perspective of what could have happened to Flight 447.  His blog is "Flight Level 390".  "Ask the Pilot" @ Salon.com has an article about turbulence and flying in storms.  

You can also read an interesting post by Paris Parfait on having the courage to fly after such a tragedy. 


paris parfait said...

Thanks for the nod! As for flying, I can't imagine how dull my life might have been, had I never got on a plane to expand my horizons. I know it's safer now to fly than ever before, even though I still feel a little frisson of fear from time to time. "Ask the Pilot" at Salon.com also has an interesting piece about turbulence and other unsettling events during flights.

The Flying Pinto said...

Yes, a very sad day and difficult to make sense of....hopefully we will learn something useful from this tragedy.

GirlonTour said...

Very eerie, especially for those of us that work in the sky. My heart goes out to all that were touched by this tradegy.

dutchbaby said...

Devastating news! Thank you for the tribute and the great information. I pray that we will understand how this tragedy happened so that we can learn from this disaster and the loved ones may have closure.