Meandering in Albuquerque...

Just back from an easy 2-day trip with a layover in Abq. Have you ever tried to spell Albuquerque? 

I did what I always do...
Put on my running shoes, 
and I meander.  

Here's a few things I saw along the way...

Had breakfast on Historical Route 66

Cool painting of "Get your Kicks" Route 66

Saturday Farmer's Market

Paint by numbers. By an artist named Martha

Strolled through the downtown Historic area 

Back to the hotel and off to Seattle. Saw some great views of Mount Rainier!


dutchbaby said...

Love that first shot of Route 66! I'm so pleased you donned your running shoes and captured some images for us!

My book club is going to Santa Fe for our fall adventure this year. I hope you have some advice for me.

In_Flight said...

That is great! I need to this more, I really do.

Great pics!

Postcards and Coasters said...

Dutchbaby- How funny I've been thinking about going to Santa Fe. I've been once but was just driving through. One of the prettiest sunsets I've seen was near Taos. It's a beautiful area.

I did talk to one of the locals in Abq. and she said you can take the train in downtown Abq. to Santa Fe. I think that would be kinda fun!

What a Trip said...

Thanks for stopping by my What a Trip blog and commenting on Lucerne, Switzerland.
I've never been to Albuquerque, but your pictures make me want to visit Santa Fe.