10 Things to do on the North Shore of Oahu...

Chun's Reef
The beach house we rented on Oahu was in a great location on the North Shore. Chun's Reef is a popular beach with the locals. You can take long walks on the beach or sit on the porch and watch a local women swim with her dog and a parrot on her head...Or just watch the surfers!

View from the Beach House Hammock

Laniakea or Turtle Beach
1...Turtle Beach was a 5 minute walk from the beach house. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles come close to the shore to munch on seaweed and lounge on the beach.

Waimea Bay
2... Waimea Bay is one of my favorite beaches on the North Shore. If your feeling brave you can jump off "da Big Rock"!

Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau State Park
3...Overlooking Waimea Bay is Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau State Park ("hill of escape"). Hawaiians still bring fruit offerings to a nearby alter. I found out about this spot from my Hawaiian friends. If your not into old Hawaiian Temples at least stop and check out the amazing views at sunset! Turn up Pupukea Road at Foodland supermarket, go up the hill and take a quick right.

4...During the winter months check out surfing competitions on Bonzai Pipeline and Sunset Beaches. I spent way too much time here when I lived in Hawaii...my grades suffered because of it. ;)

5...Sharks Cove: Great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving in the summer months (might be too rough in the winter).

Shave Ice in Haliewa
6...This picture say's it all... delish! Try Matsumoto's Shave Ice with ice cream!

Hukilau Cafe
7... Popular with the locals and students from nearby BYU-Hawaii.  The restaurant is famous for being the alleged site where Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore met in "50 First Dates".  The movie was filmed in a different location but the cast and crew of 50 First Dates were regulars during the filming.  Open Tuesday-Saturday.

Laie, Hawaii Temple
8...You can visit the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors' Center and learn more about the LDS Temple.  Make sure you check out the beautiful gardens.

Polynesian Cultural Center
9...The Polynesian Cultural Center is Hawaii's top tourist attraction. I was a tour guide here during College and had a blast taking my tours to the 8 Polynesian Villages!  The Polynesian culture and history is fascinating.

Click here to see pictures from our visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Laie Point
10...Just past the Polynesian Cultural Center on Kamehameha Highway is Laie Point.    Across from Foodland take Anemoku Street at the light and go to the right on Naupaka Street to the end where you'll see a small parking lot.  From Laie Point you can see the Windward Coast, Goat Island and the North Shore.  If you saw the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" you might remember a scene filmed at Laie Point were Rachel jumps off a cliff.  Be careful if you decide to jump and watch out for the reef!