It's a CIRCUS up there...

And I'm not talking about the passengers!

Just flew with a bunch of pranksters...

Felt like I was in Flight Attendant Initiations all over again!

The ring leader...

His bag of tricks... he carries his very own entertainment kit! AKA... Flair!

The fake lavatory! You would not believe how many people pulled the fake nob(velcroed on).

Spiders, centipedes and fart machines? David placed the fart machine speaker in the lavatory. When Passengers & Flight Attendants(me) entered he pushed the secret remote button.

Have you ever flown with a Captain who wear's a "Fun Meter"?

The Captains chicken & jumping jelly beans (can't believe I fell for that one).

Ever wonder who's leg it is? Not in this cockpit. They switched the "leg" back and forth depending on who's turn it was to fly.

Another boring day at the office!


The Friendly Skies said...

hahahaha. that is so funny. Love the last part of switching the "leg" haha. thanks for documenting and sharing!!!

karen said...

I'm the stiff who rolls their eyes at such shannigans. What a bore I am! I particularly love when they start singing their personally-penned ditty about how to buckle your seatbelt or put on your oxygen masks. Lighten up Tobler!

also, I am officially using the lamp (bedside table, MY side :), and the authentic "straight from World Market" Peruvian tapestry. It looks great in my laundry room! (at least I think it does--maybe it sucks!)

dutchbaby said...

LOL. I would be the first to pull that velcro knob!

I am in full support of anything that will take the monotony out of a day's work. As a passenger, I appreciate anyone who made an effort to infuse some humor into what so often is a humorless flight.