Tom Blazier... Artist of the Southwest

Just stumbled upon a wonderful artist from New Mexico. I love his work and his prices are reasonable. Tom Blazier loves to paint the skies of New Mexico and the Southwest. Click here to see his blog or check out his web site to see more of his beautiful paintings.

"The skies were clear all day Monday, when we drove around the rurals near Santa Fe. On our way home, we encountered a stray thunderhead. It formed just in time to show off its beauty in the early evening sun."

"This painting was done during the last days of August and is a depiction of the Rio Grande as it flows through Albuquerque. The river has a muddy color, but from this vantage point, its color is the reflected light from the sky, shadows and the surrounding landscape. The feature I like best about the Rio, as a design element, is the series of shallow, meandering channels that zig zag, split and rejoin."

"Juniper trees help define the contours of the land along the highway to Cochiti Lake, north of Albuquerque. A hazy sunset created a soft light on the landscape."