Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas: BEWARE... HIGH THEFT AREA!!!

Over the years I've had my share of layovers in Las Vegas. I've seen everything on the strip many, many times so I thought I'd venture out and try something new. I went to Down Town Las Vegas to check out the Fremont Street Experience, a 5 block pedestrian walkway with a light and laser show on a 90 foot high canopy. I thought it was pretty cool...
until I had my phone stolen right out of my hands. Someone (in a white hoodie) came from behind me while I was videoing the show. Grabbed my phone and ran into the crowd. I talked to a security guard and learned that this happens a lot on Fremont Street. Maybe they should change the slogan in Las Vegas to "What you bring to Vegas stays in Vegas"! It was a cool show but not worth getting my phone stolen.


Jaggu said...

I completely agree with you. I also lost my digital camera in one of the bars.:(