My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets:

I was tagged by Tammie Dooley at Solo Road Trip to share three travel secrets and in turn tag five other travel related bloggers and request they do the same on their blogs. “My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets,” organized by Katie of Tripbase.com states “the aim of this game is to unite travel bloggers in a joint endeavor to create an amazing list of top travel recommendations across the globe to share with the entire travel community.”

Right now my life revolves around naps, diaper changes and ouchies. Traveling with a 2 year old can be challenging but I think these travel tips can make your trip a little easier...

Tip 1: Don't dump liquids out of baby bottles at security: You can now go through security without dumping a full bottle or sippy cup when you declare it a the security checkpoint.

Tip 2: Get a gate pass: A friend or family member (non-ticketed person) can help you get through security when traveling alone with children. Airlines usually limit the number of gate passes they will issue to one adult per child traveling. The ticketing agent will require proper identification, the passenger’s name and flight information. A gate pass holder will be required to show proper identification and their gate pass to enter and go through the security line. *It's always a good idea to check with TSA & your Airline before flying since these days procedures change daily.

Tip 3: Put on lipstick: I love this advice from Hints and Things in the UK: If all else fails, and you are having a bad time, take out some lipstick and a mirror. Put on some lippy and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror – "I’m the best Mum in the World for my kids. I am doing really well and am able to cope with this." Stay calm - smile at your children. :)
Happy Travels!

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3 Best Kept Travel Secrets:


dutchbaby said...

I have a couple of ideas. I will post my tips as soon as I decide on the third. Your tips are great! It's sad that two out of three pertain to airport security. The third tip is great and should apply whether you have a two-year-old or not.

Katie, Tripbase said...

The last tip is just fantastic!

Fab post, thanks for sharing your secrets!

Can you send me your email??


The Flying Pinto said...

love the tips!Had no idea about the help and the last is the best!

I'm on it;-)

dutchbaby said...

I finally got around to doing my part. Here are my tips:


The Friendly Skies said...

My tips are coming soon... I promise! What a great idea... :) Love your tips.