Travel Time Saver

I was just reading a post on SHOWER CAPS from my sisters blog The Good Life... On Less. It has been my traveling time saver! I have lots of hair and there is no way if I'm in a pinch for time I'll be able to wash, dry and straighten my naturally curly hair... especially when I have to wake up at O dark 30 to catch an early morning flight. I'm a little sad that hotels don't seem to stock rooms with shower caps any more.

Another good use for SHOWER CAPS: Put them on your shoes before you put them in your luggage to keep everything clean.


dutchbaby said...

I hate when hotels don't provide a shower cap. Another use I recently learned is to protect your camera in a light rain. You poke a hole in the middle of shower cap, slide your lens through the hole and hold the camera by reaching your hands through the elastic.

BTW, I'm going to be in Scottsdale later this month. Let's talk!

Blondie said...

Or, use a shower cap as a remote control condom--so everyone else's germs are all over your hands. (That tip came from theflyingpinto.com!)