Macro Monday... Oregon

This month I'm spending my weekends (layovers) in Oregon... nice change from the desert. I've been enjoying the beautiful crisp air while doing some hiking.

Not bad for iphone photos?

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Manang Kim said...

Oh wow your iphone does take a good shot. My favorite is the second one. Happy Monday!

MacroMonday-The Bug

Anonymous said...

Not bad is an understatement. These are excellent.

Jay said...

Phone cameras have come on a long way, haven't they? The one in my phone is the same unit as the first proper digital camera we bought! Isn't that amazing? Not such a good lens, of course, and it doesn't have the flexibility, but it does take good shots.

I love the water drops on the leaves. Very nice!

dutchbaby said...

Awesome iPhone shots! And I'm so glad no one snatched it out of your hands. The moist air of Oregon must be a welcome contrast to the arid climate in Arizona.