Big Lake, Saffel Canyon Trail & 26 Bar Ranch...

We headed up North for Memorial Day and did a little fishing at Big Lake.
 Big Lake is one of the best fishing lakes in the White Mountains and about an hour drive from Pinetop, Arizona.

 Greg & CC fishing

Saffel Canyon is a great trail for ATV's.  It's 21 miles one way and begins at an elevation of 7,600 feet and climbs to 9,400 feet. This picture was taken at the Eager lookout.  After a long ride you'll want some good grub... we really liked Trail Riders Family Restaurant in Eager.

 Charlotte & Greg 

We stayed in a cabin at the X Diamond Ranch near Greer.  They have horseback rides, fly fishing and a museum of the local history.  You can buy environmentally friendly beef raised on mountain grasses and get a free night stay when you pick it up.  The owner showed me a carriage in her museum that was used in the movie The Alamo, donated by John Wayne.  John Wayne had a ranch nearby and was one of her dads friends.  The picture below is of John Wayne and her Dad in a Springerville Parade.

Once owned by John Wayne

John Wayne once said this was one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. 

I couldn't mention John Wayne and not include this picture I took of my Dad with John at the John Wayne Airport.  I'm not sure JW could have had a bigger fan... he still watches all of his movies.  


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