Travel Inspired Designs... Well Traveled Playroom

Charlotte's Playroom

The Flamenco Dancer and Bull Fighter are posters I found in Seville, Spain.  I love how bright they are and thought they were perfect for Charlotte's Playroom.  I recently added a map of the United States.  Charlotte seems to be interested in where I'm flying to so I thought it would be fun for her to keep track of what city I'm in.

Love the green ceiling (Lime Peel by Pratt & Lambert) and the huge chandelier!  I also think it's pretty cool the way the light reflects off the ceiling.

I placed SOUVENIRS from our travels in CC's bookshelf and have clocks from different Time Zones around the world.


Candles from the Dollar Store

Charlotte loves the Green Moose!  It's from Z Gallerie... 
It was white, I painted it green to match the ceiling.

I splurged on the curtains... They're custom made.  

Ikea... Ikea... Ikea...  Great place for affordable playrooms.  I bought the rugs, table, chairs, light fixture and bookcase from Ikea.

Bookends from HomeGoods... also painted green.  


The Good Life on Less! said...

Love the curtains! I also agree Ikea rocks. Just bought one of their Expedit huge cubes to put toys in ... holds a TON of stuff!

gramyflys said...

What a lucky little girl she is! That is quite possibly the cutest playroom I have ever seen!

Dutchbaby said...

I would love to pull up a chair at that little table and have a tea party with Charlotte.

So many wonderful choices you made here: The Spanish posters, the chandelier with mesmerizing shadows, the time-zone clocks (genius!), I love it all!