Come Fly Away... Pan Am Party!

Lynlee from Lynlee's Petite Cakes surprised her mom with a Pan Am Party for her Birthday!  Her mom worked for Pan Am in it's heyday and wanted to celebrate the "good 'ole days".  

I just watched the new Pan Am Show and I think it would have been a fun time to FLY.  Although I am happy with some changes.  NO more weigh-in's... NO more fingernail polish checks... No more smoky planes.  Can you believe that when I was in training we had to be weighed-in each week during training and wear red lipstick?  Also glad I don't have to hurry and paint my nails on briefing days.  I remember a flight I worked to London with Flight Attendants smoking in the galleys.  Some changes have been good but I still love hearing stories from flight crews who flew during the "good 'ole days"!   

Click here to see more pictures of this fabulous party! 


Dutchbaby said...

Amazing attention to detail. At first it all looked like doll furniture to me. I love the flight status signs and the round suitcase!