Memorial weekend in Durango...

I was excited to drive rather than fly to Durango.
 Always nice to skip the airport, especially on a holiday weekend.  High winds created a lovely dust storm on our drive.  We were going to stop at Monument Valley but decided we wouldn't see much so it will have to wait.  

Four Corners
Charlotte showing us her skills!

My sister Stacy and me.  The picture below was taken a Long time ago (Stacy is the one in 4 States).  Four corners has changed... and so have we! :)

Just past Four Corners...

We stayed in this cozy cabin.  Just joking, we rented a cabin near this old abandoned log house.  We liked our accommodations and the area we spent a few days (near Purgatory). 

 Nate playing with critters

We were excited to watch a bike race that past the cabin we rented.  It started in Durango and ended in Silverton.  It would be a tough ride, especially with the high winds and high altitude.  I saw several young (brave) children pass us.  Wow!

Lime Creek Road
We took our Rhino for a ride on Lime Creek Road.  It was beautiful.  We stopped for lunch near a river and Greg did some fishing.

 Charlotte and cousin Eli

The drive to Silverton was amazing!  See more pics here.

We took another drive behind Purgatory and found more trails with breathtaking views!  One of our favorite trails was the Continental Divide Trail.

Continental Divide Trail

Beautiful views near the cabin!


Stacy said...

We certainly have changed! But still a fun picture. Fun trip also!