Travel Warnings in Mexico...

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) is a quick 4 hour drive from Phoenix.  Because Phoenix is so close to Rocky Point it's a popular destination for us "ZONIES".  My sister in-law's parents have a home there so it makes it easy to get in our car and go.  

We had a Spring Break trip planned to celebrate my niece and nephews birthdays in Mexico and then the TRAVEL WARNINGS came.  The warnings recommended not going to towns near the Mexican border for spring break.  We thought about it, did some research and decided to keep our plans.

Because of the travel warnings we had the beaches to ourselves and best of all... no wait at the border!  We felt safe and had no problema.

Loving my latest find from Mexico... 
a Turquoise & Silver flower ring

Relaxing at the Estuary

We had a great time riding quads, playing in the sand and tubbing in the Estuary

Cutie Patooties... 
Charlotte and my niece Brittany

Charlotte enjoying her juice box 

Mexico has always had it's problems and always will.  We caravaned (4 cars) to Mexico and didn't stop at our favorite Taco Dive @ the border (trying to play it safe).  We stayed in groups and on this trip didn't go off the beaten path.  The locals told us they haven't had any problems down there and were disappointed so many people stayed away.


The Flying Pinto said...

Wow, glad you had a safe trip! Looks like you had a great time too! I love the bandanna on Charlotte, sooooo cute!

Jodi Hatfield said...

Uh.Ma.zing. Wow. I can't believe you have been to all of those places. I saw that you had been doing this for 14 years, I just hit my 13 in hair. Yours looks alot more fun. Of course they are not hiring right now right? As soon as they are let me know. I think I want to start part time. Love all of the pics too! Love the jewelry too! Glad to read your blog too!