We decided to visit Mount Rushmore at the last minute...one of the nice things about non-reving (flying free). We flew into Denver then drove 6 hours to Rapid City.

I like road trips that don't last too long. :) I like to see what I'm missing in the air, eat junk food and sing songs to the radio that I wouldn't usually listen to.

WYOMING...lot's of barns, cows, horses, rolling hills and a patriotic radio station that plays the National Anthem everyday at noon.

Red Barn

Running Cow

Entering South Dakota


In the beginning Mount Rushmore was going to be a giant sculpture of old west heroes. Plans changed and it later became a National Memorial rather than a tribute to Western figures. The four Presidents chosen were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt (a frequent visitor to the Black Hills) and Abraham Lincoln. After 14 years of funds running out and severe weather Mount Rushmore was finally completed.

You really need to see Mount Rushmore in person...It's amazing! We went during the day and again at night and both were breathtaking!

South Dakota is beautiful and has lot's of things to see. I'll write about other fun things to do in my next post.


The Flying Pinto said...

That looks like a great trip!! Seems like you got "away from it all!"

love your photos! You should put a book together of all your great pictures! love them!

dutchbaby said...

I love this post. My bucket list continues to grow...

Stacy said...

Baby girl is going to love that photo of her at Mt. Rushmore as she gets older! Love it!