Mount Rushmore...

We flew into Denver then drove about 6 hours to Mount Rushmore.

I like road trips that don't last too long. :) I like to see what I'm missing in the air, eat junk food and sing songs to the radio that I wouldn't usually listen to.

WYOMING...lot's of barns, cows, horses, rolling hills and a patriotic radio station that plays the National Anthem everyday at noon.

Red Barn

Running Cow

Entering South Dakota

The four Presidents... George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt (a frequent visitor to the Black Hills) and Abraham Lincoln. 

You really need to see Mount Rushmore in person...It's amazing! We went during the day and again at night and both were breathtaking!

Around Mount Rushmore...
Sylvan Lake
The entrance to the "city of gold" in National Treasure 2 was filmed at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. We stayed in a cabin at the Sylvan Lake Lodge, one of the prettier areas to stay.

Needle Highway
                          Near Sylvan Lake

Sturgis is the world's largest motorcycle rally. This is the opposite of what we saw when we went. It looked more like a ghost town.
Near Sturgis is Deadwood an old gold mining town. We ate a burger at Diamond Lil's a restaurant owned by Kevin Costner. Costumes and pictures from Costner's films are displayed all over the walls.

We also visited the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane at the Mount Moriah Cemetery on a hill above town.

Bear Country U.S.A
Bear Country is a drive through wildlife park. This was one of Greg's favorite memories of his visit to Mount Rushmore as a child.

Catching some rays

Baby Land

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

We saw lot's of Mustangs and the Crazy Horse movie set.

Take home a piece of the west...a horse!
Now that's a great souvenir!

Mammoth Site
More than 50 fossilized Mammoth remains have been uncovered at the Mammoth Site, the largest find of its kind in the world. We took a tour and saw where they continue to dig remains.

A giant Mommoth tooth

Custer State Park
Crazy burros in Custer Park will lick your window waiting for food (look at the upper left hand side of the picture where burros surround the car).

More than 1,500 Buffalo roam free on 73,000 acres in Custer State Park.

This is just some of the fun to be had near Mount Rushmore. There are lots of things to keep you and the kids busy.


gramyflys said...

What a fun trip, Sherri. It makes me want to go there soon! Loved those baby bears all over you! Where was their mama?????

dutchbaby said...

I love the first photo! My favorite face in that photo? The one with the white pom-pom hat - simply adorable!