By Jason Arends, Flickr

Today is the first day of Arizona's Monsoon Season.  Our summer hasn't been too bad, the last few weeks have been in the 90's.  But the 100's are around the corner and the only relief us "zonies" get from this extreme heat is our Monsoons!  

I've always looked forward to Monsoon season.  I love the lightening show's and downpours of rain!  You would think I was a child seeing rain for the first time by the amount of time I sit staring out the window.  

But I prefer to enjoy these storms from the ground rather than the sky.  I've taken off and landed in dust storms where I couldn't see anything but a wall of dust.  I've seen lightening hit the ground and city blocks of lights go out.   I've been tossed around by the wicked winds and had passengers fill airsick bags.  And of course Monsoons cause delays at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  

2008 was the wettest monsoon since 1984, 10th wettest on record.  2007 was the 5th driest monsoon.  Maybe this year will be somewhere in between!


velvet brick said...

I'm with you on this! I LOVE the monsoon season - I look forward to it...is this wrong?? I don't think so. The storms, lightning, dust storms...it's all exhilarating and thrilling!!! Yeah for the monsoon season upon us...bring it on!! : ))

The Flying Pinto said...

Yikes! I NEVER heard thunder and lightening so loud until I moved to TX...I can only imagine your monsoon season! There is something romantic about a good storm: ) Hope you get lots of storms this season...while you're on the ground, safe at home of course: )

Postcards and Coasters said...

Flying Pinto- Texas does get some crazy storms and lot's of fog.

When our Phoenix trips go through Texas we end up doing the Tx. 2 step (5 legs) quick, full flights and lots of beer drinkers. :) I'm getting too old. ;)

dutchbaby said...

I admire your strength and dedication. I could not fly day in and day out like you do. Thank you!

Prêt à Voyager said...

it rained so much in baltimore last week i thought noah's arc was going to come!