Vacation Spoiled?!

I just read an article where a Japanese newspaper reported that North Korea may fire a long-range missile towards Hawaii July 4-8.

I turn "40" on the 4th of July and was planning on traveling to Hawaii.

I'm so sick of planning vacations and worrying about political problems, drug wars, terrorist acts, etc. And now I have to worry about whether or not a missile is going to spoil my plans and possibly take out Hawaii?

What is this world coming to?

Where is the Love? Peace?

This makes me want to move to Montana and live in the sticks...

Wear crazy clothes and pick flowers for my hair. Take baths in the rivers and dance around like a shoe-less hippy!
Paiges Peace, Flickr

Maybe I'll paint my car...
RGB, Flickr

Or maybe I'll just stay where I am and try to promote more peace in my community...that is if North Korea doesn't take us out first!

So I guess non-revving during the 4-8 shouldn't be too bad?


The Flying Pinto said...

Ughhhh....let me know when you're moving...maybe we'll join you!

Happy early Birthday...and welcome to the club...40 that is...I just joined this month;-)

KARMINA said...


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In_Flight said...

That is so true! Enough already with that kind of stuff.

Enjoy your vacation, and happy B- DAY :)

Sky High Boy said...

Oh my birthday is on the 4th too! ... But silly me I forgot to bid for it off so I'll be slugging it out along the aisles!
I say just go for the holidays! =D