I've been SouthernFried... In Mississippi!

I get a kick flying through the South. I adore wide brimmed hats and the Southern drawl...

yes, ma'am,

I'm enchanted by plantation homes with tree lined streets... Spanish moss, lanterns, shutters, magnolia trees and the scent of Southern fried food.

Genteel Poverly
On a recent layover I wandered through the streets in Jackson, Mississippi wondering why I straightened my hair... the humidity creates chaos to my already naturally curly hair. I figured my hair could use Truvy's help (hair dresser in Steel Magnolias played by Dolly Pardon). Did this group of Southern women really exist? Could there be a Truvy, Annelle, Clairee, Shelby, Weezer, and M'Lynn? 

First Baptist Church 
I passed a church and thought of Annelle (A quirky religious girl played by Daryl Hannah) and suddenly heard Gospel music. I wandered in and asked Shelby, a cute Southern Belle what was going on? She told me in her sweet Southern drawl that the Mississippi Mass Choir (who sang at Obama's inauguration) was recording a DVD with the First Baptist Choir. All I can say is the SOUTH was ALIVE! My new Southern friend told me this was a historical event. The First Baptist Jackson church is a "white" congregation and this was the first time a "black" choir performed here. Wow, things are different in the South. 

Meanwhile Weezer (yes, she does exist) told us if we were going to keep talking we needed to leave. Seriously... we were in the back of the church and we were whispering.

After a long day of being SouthernFried I was plum tuckered out. I sat in front of the Mississippi Capitol and watched fire flies buzz by a group of Magnolia Tree's. 
It was the end of an amazing layover in Mississippi.
Judd Patterson


charmaine said...

wow! that's sounds just like
Mississippi! Jackson is one part where so many of my relatives live. yes, it is a miracle, i could not believe when i heard that Mississippi Mass choir and First Baptist Church of Jackson would perform together. a white church and an all black choir, God is good! actually, i think their performing one or two songs together, but the fact alone that the choir is taping their new cd at First Baptist Jackson is wonderful. Mississippi has come a long way, still has a long way to go, but we have come a long way. i'm proud of my little state. i actually love First Baptist church of Jackson, the pastor, Stan Buckley is an excellent speaker. you brought back so many memories when you mentioned the fireflies and Spanish moss and the humidity. boy, that humidity is vicious. i would have to wear braids when i would visit in the summer. but anyway, thank you so much for posting about Mississippi. very lovely post. have a wonderful evening!

God Bless,

velvet brick said...

OOH!! Fireflies!! I'm from Ohio and spent summer after summer chasing those enchanting bugs! Last May I was able to visit Atlanta for several days...my first trip to the south and I really enjoyed seeing that part of our country. Had the BEST meal there at Gladys Knight's restaurant...a southern favorite of malt waffles and fried chicken smothered in maple syrup...I even posted about it!!! Left a sweet taste in my mouth for the south! : )

Thank you for your kind words about my 'new baby'... congrats on yours!! An aquaintance who does photography (www.tamiproffitt.blogspot.com) is setting up a class for those of us who need to learn the basics about our dslr's! If you're interested in it, send me an email and I'll send you the info. I'm planning on taking the class myself because I need someone to walk me through the basics.

Happy flying! : ))

Postcards and Coasters said...

Charmaine-The pastor did speak for a few minutes while I was there and he seems like a great person. Braids...what a good idea. :)

Velvet Brick-Thanks for the tip on Glady's restaurant...malt waffles sound yummy! Thanks for the class info.