Friday Field Trip... Boise, Idaho

I love Boise! It's one of my favorite layovers. Boise has a very cool downtown with great architecture, cool shops and restaurants.

On a recent layover I was able to spend some time with my girlfriend who is pregnant and has survived 63 days of bed rest at St. Luke's hospital. Go Lonni!

... Just one of the great perks of the job... getting paid to visit friends who live in different states!!!

Postcards from Boise...

State Capitol

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial
The Memorial sits near the Boise River. On the Memorial walls are beautiful and inspiring quotes by amazing people.

Along the Boise River is 25 miles of paths that wind through the city.

While I was walking along the River I saw college students river rafting, children playing in the river and people fishing & watching the sunset. I love Boise's relaxed atmosphere and small town feel. I finished a great layover with a chocolate dipped ice cream cone from McD's.


The Flying Pinto said...

Wow...I have never been to Boise! I t looks lovely...great photos!

Congrats to your girlfriend...I know how she feels! I too survived 3 months of bed rest! Of course now, 2 years later I wonder what I was complaining about;-)

gramyflys said...

Boise is such a great little town. We lived there for part of a year and Natalie was born in the same hospital where Lonnie is now confined! Good old St. Luke's. What a coincidence...