Travel Party... Middle Eastern Bridal Shower!

I love unique party themes. Especially travel themes! Years ago my sister and step-mom hosted an amazing Bridal Shower for me. It's obvious they put a lot of work into this shower...I was amazed by all of the details!

The Invitation to my Bridal Shower came rolled up in a box.

Festive decorations! I love the Oriental Rug and bright pillows.

Pyramid Cake made by my talented step-mom. The food was equally amazing!

My sister surprised us all with a Belly Dancer!

After my scary attempt at Belly Dancing everyone joined in on the fun. We each received a veil and eye liner for our party favors!


gramyflys said...

What a fun and memorable party, Sherri! You and your family are certainly creative. I can just imagine Charlotte's wedding reception someday!!!