"Under The Tuscan Sun" in Cortona, Italy...

While driving through Tuscany my husband and I had just passed Cortona as I read it was the setting for the book "Under The Tuscan Sun". We quickly turned around so we could see "Bramasole", the villa Frances Mayes so beautifully writes about.
Mayes describes the ups and downs of renovating a villa in Italy. I had just done a renovation for a client (I'm also an Interior Designer) so I could relate to all the problems associated with a remodel. It wasn't easy to find Bramasole. We asked several locals and they said they didn't know where it was. Maybe when your living the dream you don't need to read about it.

Bramasole is a beautiful stone home surrounded by flowers with views of the valley below. "On that fresh morning, the facade seemed radiant, glazed with layers of lemon, rouge and terra-cotta. We both became silent as as we got out of the car. After all of the turns into unknown roads, the house seemed just to have been waiting all along." Frances Mayes



Cortona is a charming Medieval City surrounded by Etruscan Walls. It lies perched on top of the Tuscan Hills. You'll find olive groves, frescoed churches, piazzas, narrow streets and if you look hard you might find Diane Lane or maybe just Italian lovers.