Forks, Washington... In search of VAMPIRES and sights from the TWILIGHT book series!

Entering Forks...
I was excited to visit my sister in Seattle and nearby Forks to see the sights from the Twilight Book Series.
 You can find a map of Forks and the Twilight Sights at any of the souvenir shops or stop by the Forks Visitor Center South of town. You can also take a Twilight Tour.

Forks Hospital
 Dr. Cullens parking spot...

Forks Police Department
Bella's dad worked here...

Forks Outfitters
Bella worked here...

Bella Swans Home

The Cullens Home

Note from the Cullens. 
The Cullens Home is a Bed & Breakfast, click here if you'd like to stay with VAMPIRES!

Forks High School
  Where it all began...

Bella's Truck
At the Forks Visitor Center

Leaving Forks...


The Good Life on Less! said...

These pictures totally make me smile now that I've read the books!

Susie of Arabia said...

Just catching up a bit because I have been gone for a while - I had to say I'm really enjoying all the photos!

rosarubra21 said...

wow!!! I'm so envy..
Hi! I'm from Brazil and I just bought the twilight in forks dvd and love it... You're so lucky!!!
xoxo a twilight fan