My Favorite Italian Souvenirs...

Some of the best leather goods are designed and made in Italy. Whether it's purses, shoes, clothes or luggage leather is one of Italy's best values.

Italian Tapestries
I'm always blown away by the beautiful tapestries throughout Europe and I think they're a great souvenir for your villa back home. Florence is one of my favorite places to shop for tapestries.

Majolica Ceramics
Majolica is a hand-painted, glazed, and heavily ornamented earthenware. The name Majolica comes from Majorca, the port where Majolica was originally traded. Italian Majolica and Italian ceramics are world renowned because of their great craftsmanship and durability.

Fortuny Fabrics are known for their luxurious feel and well designed patterns, influenced by cultures from around the world.
All Fortuny fabrics are still manufactured in the same factory that Mariano Fortuny founded in Venice over half a century ago with the same special dying and textile techniques he perfected.

Murano Chandelier... Venetian glass originated in Venice but was moved to the Island of Murano because of the fire danger to Venice. The glassmakers of Murano are credited with inventing or modernizing many varieties of glass. Some of the historical glass factories in Murano are now among the most important brands of glass in the world. You can visit the glass factories and see the artisans working in the age old craft of glass blowing and glass making.

Savanorola Chair
The Savanorola Chair, also known as the Dante Chair originated in Medieval Italy. The chair is named after Girolamo Savonarola a 15th century French cleric who briefly ruled Florence. The Savanorola chair was extremely popular across Europe during the Renaissance.

You can find antique Savanorola chairs through antique dealers, auctions and specialized furniture stores or shop around for a much cheaper replica. Click here for a list of the top 10 antique shops in Florence.

St. Peters Basilica Juicer... Who wouldn't want a juicer shaped like St. Peters Basilica? As you squeeze your citrus across the dome, juice fills the Piazza.

                          And of course you don't want to forget your

Lace Coaster's from Venice
Unfortunately the best gift Italy offers can't be packaged. After spending a few days enjoying the County's La Dolce Vita you'll return home renewed and refreshed. If only we could bottle that up!  What's your favorite Italian Souvenir?


Lissa said...

my favorite italian souvenirs are purses! They have such great leather! and shoes! and postcards! But I love everything about italy!