The Real RV...

1967 Winnebago from the RV Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

We've all seen them... RV's surrounded by cars in the employee parking lot. I always wonder, does it belong to a flight attendant or pilot? Not sure why but I usually assume the RV belongs to a pilot. NBC Nightly News just did a story on LAX parking lot B: A Second Home.

Maybe it's not so bad an idea. In my early days I lived with 11 flight attendants in a hotel crash pad. I could only handle that for so long so I moved in with 5 flight attendants in a 1 bedroom apartment. That's all I could afford being a new flight attendant living in an expensive city. Oh the glamorous life we live. Thank goodness those days are behind me... although I am digging this Winnebago!


AmyK said...

I can see where the motor home would be a great idea. You poor thing, 11 room mates, really? Years ago, I had wanted to be a flight attendant, until I flew. You folks work your butts off. Kudos to you.

The Flying Pinto said...

I love it...I had the toy as a kid.

I did the crash pad too..I think we had 15 of us, sharing one hotel room, which had 2 bunk beds and a pull out couch. Luckily we were all on reserve and usually there wasn't more than 3 or 4 of us there at a time;-) Ahhh, the good ole days...hahaha!

Postcards and Coasters said...

Amy... we do work our butts off... on some flights more than others. Like any job we have bad days but also lots of good days. And the flexibility is pretty sweet!

Flying Pinto... WoW 15, what a crazy life. I left my crash pad after a few months because we were all there at the same time with only 2 beds. We were all from the same class straight out of training so we were getting things ready at the new base etc. If only they had blogging when I started flying. Oh the stories!

dutchbaby said...

You flight attendants give new meaning to the term crash pad! Eleven, fifteen, any number over two, is insane!

Oh do tell some early flight stories - pretend you had a blog back then :-) Inquiring minds want to know.