Volterra, Italy... In search of the Volturi Vampires!

Towards the end of New Moon Edward and Bella end up in Volterra, Italy to visit the Volturi, a coven of vampires who enforce vampire laws and keep vampires hidden from humans.

Here's a few pictures from my trip to Volterra...
                  Volterra-Hill Town/Vampire Haven in Tuscany
In the past Volterra has been less touristy than it's neighbor San Gimignano, but because of New Moon Volterra is starting to make the list on the grand tour of Italy.

                                                  Palazzo dei Priori and Clock Tower
The Palazzo dei Priori is Tuscany's oldest town hall
and danger is lurking here for Bella!

 Me... looking for the Volturi!

Yes, this vampire madness has gone too far!

                                               What a Vampire ceiling looks like :)

Although New Moon takes place in Volterra, it was filmed in nearby Montepulciano. If you travel to Volterra you can pick up a free New Moon Volterra map at the information office in Pallazzo dei Priori and follow the exact route Bella, Alice and Edward took. Or you can arrange to take a walking tour "Hot on the Trail of Edward and Bella".


dutchbaby said...

Your photos are great! I remember going here and two or three other hilltowns in Tuscany. Volterra was my favorite that day. Who knew that it would become the center for pop culture!

I plan to see "New Moon" over Thanksgiving weekend with my daughter and nieces.

The Good Life on Less! said...

I'm so jealous! I was watching the movie ... didn't know the town was real, but wanted to visit where the pretty buildings were!

jen laceda said...

Vampire mania is ON! I actually thought this was Siena at first glance! Wow! I really miss Tuscany!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I used to stay there back in the 90's. It was beautiful. I hope the recent attention hasn't changed it too much.