Port Angeles, Washington is one hour from Forks, Washington. If your visiting the Twilight sites (from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Novel) you might want to stay here since you wont find much in Forks. If you book in advance you can stay at the Miller Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast (The Cullens Home) in Forks.

Bella and her friends drove from Forks to Port Angeles to go shopping at Gottschalks department store.

Bella walks to Port Book and News but decides its too "New Age" so she leaves and gets lost.

Bella is followed by 4 men then saved by her Vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen.

After being rescued Edward tells her friends he'll drive her home but first they eat (she eats) at La Bella Italia. This is Edward and Bella's first date.

If your wanting to explore Olympic National Park or relax in a beautiful area stay at the Lake Crescent Lodge (on your way to Forks). One of my favorite (kid friendly) hikes near the Lodge will take you to Marymere Falls.

P.S. This would be a great trip with your girlfriends! My sister and I did this with our husbands and they thought we were crazy and became impatient. Imagine that?! :)

*Click here to see pictures from Forks, Washington!


dutchbaby said...

OMG! I just watched Twilight with my daughter last night! It was creeeepy. Thanks for the tour!