Manuel Antonio...

We enjoyed spending time at the Manuel Antonio National Park.  The beaches were great and we loved all the playful monkeys.  It was also endless entertainment for Charlotte.  The video of the monkey drinking Charlotte's juice box was taken on a beach in the Park.
 If you go watch your stuff.  It you turn your back for a minute it will be gone!
Monkey Drinking Charlotte's Juice Box!

727 Hotel
Pictures of this 727 Fuselage Hotel have been all over the internet.  So when we were in Costa Rica I knew we couldn't leave without finding it.   We had the name of the hotel (Costa Verde) but couldn't seem to find the exact location in the jungle.  We asked several locals and they didn't know... or maybe they didn't understand me.  Anyway about the time we were about to give up we finally found it!

Outdoor seating on the Wing

Greg was embarrassed that I went up the steps to get a closer look.  But it's not everyday a Flight Attendant finds a plane turned hotel...  In a jungle!

El Avion Restaurant
This Fairchild C-123 was part of the biggest scandals in the mid 1980's: The Iran-Contra Affair.  It's now a restaurant and bar.  We ate here one night and sat on the deck out back and enjoyed amazing views of the ocean.

Hotel Parador
View from our Hotel Pool

Pedro... the hotel resident
Going back into his home

We were at Hotel Parador (on the edge of a mountain overlooking the Pacific) when we heard a loud roar followed by a sharp jolt and violent shaking. At first I wasn't sure if it was a mud slide or an earthquake. It was pouring rain when the earth started shaking.  We quickly grabbed CC who was napping and ran for the door to find a safe place to Hide until the earth stopped shaking. It's amazing that anything can shake that much and stay intact.


Blondie said...

At least the monkey didn't mess with your margarita!