Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve & some video of the rough road to get there:

Getting to Monteverde, Costa Rica can be a teeth chattering experience! The road is a steep winding dirt road. We spent at least an hour on this rough road and were amazed by it's poor condition. We asked a local about it and she said it's much better then it used to be. I can't even imagine...

We stayed at Hotel Belmar while in Monteverde.  The owners lived in Europe and built the Austrian Chalet in Costa Rica to remind them of their time spent in Austria.  One of the highlights while staying at the hotel was an amazing hike we took near the hotel where we saw lots of playful Howler Monkeys.  Charlotte also enjoyed playing with the ducks in front of the hotel.
We went on the Sky Walk in the Monteverde rainforest.  It's a combination of suspension bridges and walking trails in the cloud forest.  We saw lots of monkeys, a pair of macaw birds and beautiful plants.  Next we went on the Sky Tram high above the canopy.  It was fun to see the cloud forest from a different perspective.

Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve-  I've spend a lot of time flying through clouds but to walk through the Cloud Forest is high on my list of cool things I've experienced and the highlight of my trip to Costa Rica.  While walking in the clouds we could hear thunder echoing in the distance through the mountains and birds twittering.  It is great for bird watching. One of the most famous residents is the Quetzal which has now become rare. We saw one go by but unfortunately it was quicker then our camera.

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Costa Rica is a haven for butterflies with about 1,251 species. You can see them year round but you'll find more in the rainy season. We got a close up view at a Butterfly farm.  You'll find them throughout Costa Rica.
Blue Morpho

 Hecale Longwing

Blue Morpho

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