Costa Rica...

This was our second time visiting Costa Rica.  On our first trip we visited Arenal and Tortuguero.  We liked Tortuguero so much we decided to visit it again.  These are the three areas we visited on our vacation to Costa Rica.  
After spending our first night in San Jose we drove to the Caño Blanco Marina then boarded a boat to Tortuguero.  Our next stop was Monteverde, the cloud forest.  The last few days of our vacation were spent on the beach in Manuel Antonio. 

Tortuguero... The Amazon of Cost Rica!

Dora joined us on our Adventure to Costa Rica!
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I love Tortuguero... it's one of my favorite places and definitely worth adding to any bucket list. Tortuguero is one of the most remote places in Costa Rica and part of the adventure is just getting there. You can only get there by boat or plane.  Charlotte loved all the boat rides.
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Tortuguero is in a Rain Forest with swamps, beaches, lagoons and is located on the Caribbean Coast.  In the front of our hotel was a lagoon and behind it was the Caribbean.  We saw a huge green turtle lay it's eggs on this beach.   We had to go with a guide to search for the turtles.  The night we went it was really dark which made the search a little harder (no flashlights allowed).  We walked in a line feeling for turtle tracks (trying to not fall on the beach debris).  After looking for about an hour we got lucky and found a turtle. 
We stayed at the Laguna Lodge, inspired by Antoni Gaudi. 
This Caiman enjoyed sunbathing close to the open air restaurant.
Charlotte loved the food in Costa Rica!  
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We saw monkeys, birds, turtles, Iguana's and caiman's as we traveled through the lagoon...

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The town of Tortuguero

Local Girls

CC dancing to a little reggae music on our last night in Tortuguero.

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