Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell & Monument Valley...

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to discover beautiful places.  It's sad that it's taken this long for me to finally visit Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.  These are some of the most beautiful destinations I've seen and they are right in my backyard.
 Antelope Canyon is nature's work of art at it's best.  I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more spectacular! 

Lake Powell is on the border of Arizona and Utah and is the second largest man made lake with 2000 miles of coastline.  Pretty much anything you might want to do in the outdoors can be done here.  The lake is so big that we would go hours without seeing anyone.  Lot's of visitors camp under the stars, others rent houseboats or stay in hotels.  If you love the beauty of the outdoors you will love Lake Powell.

We drove 50 miles by boat into Utah to reach Rainbow Bridge National Monument.  This is the largest natural bridge in the world.

We loved Antelope Canyon.  It's high red-rock canyon walls, twist and turns, made for a fun ride.

Our favorite part of visiting Lake Powell was to explore many of the smaller canyons.  This channel was right off Navajo Canyon.

 I've flown over Monument Valley many times and was happy to finally see it from a different perspective!  It's right on the Utah/Arizona border but the park entrance is in Utah.