Yellowstone, Grand Teton & Jackson Hole...

Jackson Hole
We spent one night in Jackson Hole, two in Grand Teton National Park and three in Yellowstone. 
 Greg and I visited Yellowstone years ago and knew this would be a fun vacation for Charlotte.  She was very excited to see all of animals, mud volcano and geysers.

Grand Teton National Park
Schwabacher Landing has the most beautiful views of Grand Teton.  We walked along the river and the views seemed to keep getting more amazing.  Some of the most famous Teton photos were taken here.

Charlotte wanted to join in on the fun after seeing the artist painting... not a bad idea. :)

Snake River
Greg and I went whitewater rafting down the Snake River years ago and were hoping to go on a scenic float with Charlotte.  Unfortunately they stopped the floats a few days before we arrived.  We loved visiting Grand Teton in the Fall but if your wanting to do a float you might want to visit mid-end September.  We were there the first week of October.

The Chapel of Transfiguration

Mormon Row

Oxbow Bend
I was one of many photographers at Oxbow Bend at sunset.  The Autumn colors were beautiful! 

Jackson Lake
There aren't many options for accommodations when staying in Grand Teton National Park.  We were happy with our stay at the Signal Mountain Lodge on Jackson Lake.  This was the view from our balcony.    

One of the best places we found to see moose was behind the Jackson Lake Lodge.  We also went on a short hike there at Lunch Tree Hill and continued to see more moose... don't forget binoculars!   

String Lake
Hiking at String Lake

Jenny Lake

Moose-Wilson Road
We drove the Moose-Wilson Road to Jackson Hole as the sun was setting and it was an amazing drive. The Aspen trees were changing, animals were out (notice the small black bear eating berries) and the sunset made for an unforgettable drive.

This evening we had dinner at Pica's Taco in Jackson Hole.  If your looking for some good grub we highly recommend this restaurant.

It's amazing what a better lens can do... the nice photographer who was also taking pictures of this bear just e-mailed me the picture he took.  Thanks Daniel, I think he's with Dan Armstrong Photography.

First stop, West Thumb.

Fountain Paint Pot

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center
We stayed in West Yellowstone and visited the Discovery Center so we could see Grizzly Bears.

Norris Geyser Basin
Back Basin
We had great weather on our trip until the day we explored Norris Geyser Basin.  We were enjoying 70 + degree's until a cold front moved in and dropped to 30 degrees... chance of snow, rain and windy.  It's amazing how quickly the weather can change at Yellowstone.  The cold front wasn't forecast before our trip but I had read how the weather can quickly change, glad I was prepared.  Greg didn't bring a jacket and froze.       
Porcelain Basin

Mammoth Hot Springs

We saw a number of Elk in Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was interesting to watch the Bull Elk and hear them bugling.  This Bull had a harem of 22 cows.  Busy guy!

After leaving Mammoth we drove towards Gardiner, Montana for the night and past a herd of Big Horn Sheep.  It was incredible how effortlessly they leaped along the cliff.  

Lamar Valley

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Mud Volcano

Old Faithful Inn
Our last night in Yellowstone was spent at the Old Faithful Inn (the only night the Inn wasn't booked).  We enjoyed our stay here in this charming Inn.  I took the 45 minute tour of the Inn and enjoyed learning more about it.  I didn't realize how old it was... built in 1903.  They are finally trying to restore the lobby fireplace that hasn't fully worked since the 1959 earthquake.  The red door is original.

Old Faithful Geyser
It's still going!

 Beehive Geyser
We were in the Visitor Center when the park rangers announced that the Beehive Geyser was going to erupt.  They were very excited since it varies in frequency.  The ranger said that it vents water as high as 180 feet.  It was a beautiful site... I love the rainbow in the picture below.

A few pictures on our drive back to Salt Lake City...
In Idaho near Bear Lake


Stacy said...

My goodness these pictures are amazing! That picture of you and cc is also so cute! I must go to Yellowstone!

Stacy said...

These pictures are amazing! The one of you and CC is especially fun. Can't wait to visit there.

Susie of Arabia said...

Wow - stunning photos. What a wonderful trip! Sorry I haven't been around in a while. My social calendar has really picked up this past year here! Hope life is good.